Deciding how to present your home
upon its sale is among the most important
issues faced by sellers of residential
real estate. In today's competitive market,
how does a seller differentiate a property
from the competition? What must be done
to attract the attention of – and ultimately
an offer from – its target buyer?
An increasing number of sellers in high-cost
real estate markets from coast-to-coast
recognize the benefits of home staging:
More offers. Quicker sales. Higher prices.

Staging a home for sale typically involves four steps:

What makes Up-Stage different?

Our recognized knowledge of trends in home design enables us to create a home environment that will appeal to the most likely buyer and provide the seller with an advantage in marketing the property.

Our decades of experience creating comfortable, tasteful interiors is best suited for luxury properties sought by high net worth buyers.

Our inventory of traditional, contemporary and modern pieces in a wide range of shapes and sizes allows us to stage over 30,000 square feet of residential real estate. We are poised to deliver a swift installation.